The recommendations for the description of sequence variants are designed to be stable, meaningful, memorable and unequivocal. Still, every now and then modifications will be required to remove inconsistencies and/or to clarify confusing conventions. In addition, the recommendations may be extended to resolve cases that were hitherto not covered. HGVS nomenclature has version numbers to allow users to specify up to what point they follow the HGVS recommendations.

The version number is based on the date of the change and has the format: HGVS nomenclature Version 15.11, for the version accepted in 2015 (“15”), November (“11”). The current HGVS version number is shown in the top right corner of this web site (“Version xx.xx”). Note the version does not change when a typing error is corrected, an example added, an explanation clarified or a question answered. Outside the core HGVS recommendations, covered by the version number, the recommendations have “named extensions”, i.e optional extensions for a specific use. Supporting named extensions is optional. A proper reference to the version of the HGVS nomenclature should mention the version number and the named extensions supported.

The current version is HGVS nomenclature v20.05.

NOTE: since proposals SVD-WG007 and SVD-WG008 have been accepted a new version of the HGVS nomenclature was released May 1, 2020.

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Version list

Changes/additions going from the 2000 to 2016 recommendations